Considering Nuvia Dental Implant Center?

Unless you want to possibly pay up to $20,000 more or in rush to make teeth in 24 hours, skip the critical trial smile preview of your new smile to ensure you like everything about your new smile, Nuvia is a very poor alternative to D5teeth.

Let's compare D5teeth all zirconia pro to Nuvia's two-piece zirconia over a titanium bar, teeth.
D5teeth vs. Jax Implant
Nuvia Dental Implant Center

D5teeth All Zirconia Pro In As Little As 4 Days!

Single Arch
Both Arches
  • Delivers all zirconia teeth in as little as 4 days.
  • Never skips critical try-in of interim, custom designed 3D-printed preview teeth. Never ever let an implant center tell you they can skip this step. Only way to ensure patients will like the aesthetics of their new teeth.
  • Why pay Nuvia possibly $10-$20,000 more to save maybe two days but skip the custom design smile preview as Nuvia apparently does.
  • By taking 4 days instead of 24 hours, this allows D5 ceramists to hand craft and finish milled restoration under microscope. Milling machines can only do so much. They cannot give the definition that truly makes the teeth look like individual teeth. After hours are spent hand finishing the milled teeth, we then spend hours hand layering with porcelain and staining the restoration over 3 distinct cycles.

    Because of this attention to detail and the hours spent our restorations truly deliver stunning, life-like results for our patients. No short cuts. No compromise. No rush to deliver mediocre restorations in 24 hours by skipping critical steps.

D5teeth vs. Jax Implants & Dentures - Cost
D5teeth vs Jax Implant
Nuvia Dental Implant Center

Nuvia's 24-hour implant procedure

Single Arch
D5 saves many $1,500
Both Arches
around $46-$59,000
D5 could save you around$24,000* & up!!!
  • Surgery done.
  • Teeth inserted next day.
  • Critical smile preview of custom interim teeth skipped in rush to make permanent teeth.
  • Patient never gets to check length of teeth, width of teeth, anatomy of teeth or how they look when smiling. No computer imaging can accurately show patients this.
  • If bite or occlusion is significantly off (which happens all the time with digital design), one option is to grind and grind on your new teeth. But this can destroy all or most of the sharp chewing surfaces. This means on teeth you paid Nuvia maybe $20,000 more than D5teeth your new teeth will squish food instead of biting food properly. After noting any changes patients want on preview teeth, we do complete bite adjustment and digitally scan this corrective surface and overlay data when milling permanent teeth. This means when we switch temporary teeth to permanent teeth in around two to three days almost no bite adjustment is needed. This means our biting services chew food properly.
  • Patient receives two-piece zirconia to titanium bar restorations. These restorations can require more bone reduction and require more room than one-piece zirconia bridges. This can cause problems designing aesthetic smiles especially with patients with gummy smiles.
  • Cement can fail holding zirconia to the bar. Zirconia teeth can fall off bar. With one-piece screw retained bridges that D5teeth offers this cannot happen.
  • Many centers that offer zirconia in 24 hours do not have the time to hand carve teeth after milling and do multiple passes of hand layering and stating as D5teeth does to ensure master level aesthetics. They simply mill teeth, slap on a single layer of stain, simply place restoration on furnace and on the next day you have teeth.
* This fee we cannot guarantee but is based on a number of patients telling us what they have been quoted and showing us treatment plans from Nuvia.
If you’re considering the Jax Implant Premium option called the Dreamline model, we really have exciting news. We can save many patients $10,000!
Before we compare, here is the Dirty Little Secret. The Jax Implant Premium option is only a one-piece zirconia bridge milled to slide over a titanium bar. At D5teeth, it only costs us around $75 to manufacture this bar. In patients with significant bone loss in the molar area where we have to place the implants forward, this can result in a long overhand or cantilever of the zirconia. With our D5teeth Pro option, when we add a zirconia bar because it costs so little, we don’t charge more. For some reason, when Jax Implant adds a bar to a complete upper and lower case they charge $7,500 more! If you want complete upper and lower cases with a bar at D5teeth centers, the fee is still only $34,900 versus $45,000 at Jax Implant Center! We save many patients $10,000!
Now if you are willing to spend up to $59,000 at Nuvia let us show you the D5teeth ultimate restoration
D5teeth vs. Nuvia
D5teeth vs. Nuvia

Upper & Lower, All Inclusive

(except sinus lifts)



Single Arch

*Expires June 30, 2023

For thousands less possibly than Nuvia is charging you according to zirconzahns research maybe have the closest alternative to natural teeth.*

Does Nuvia really give patients permanent teeth in 24 hours in one visit?*

You decide.

First let's go over what we believe to be Nuvia's first deceptive advertisement located on the home page of their website.

Shows only one appointment to permanent teeth.

Obviously this is not true. Nuvia does surgery one day and the next day insert teeth.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center

This is starting to give a more correct picture but still does not tell the true story.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center

Before you get to the two appointments you have to do a small design session.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center

However, look at this picture given to us by a person that went to Nuvia.

Nuvia photo in office

Did you notice it tells patients their procedure takes 5 appointments. Website states one visit and at the office they state 5 visits.

Let's look at an actual photo that a patient that went to Nuvia gave us of their zirconia to titanium bar.

Nuvia - titanium bar restoration
D5teeth vs Jax Implant
D5teeth Hybrid Bridge

This is showing Nuvia doing simple cosmetic imaging before surgery.

Nuvia - Simple Design

Nuvia is doing simple cosmetic imaging on patient to show estimates of how different smiles can look. At D5teeth we do this. Remember this is not actual digital design of teeth after implants placed. This simple imaging will not guarantee actual length, width or anatomy of teeth. So if a center tells you that you only need pre-surgery records and you can skip doing a custom 3D printed interim restoration they are simply wrong.

Editorial Comment: At D5teeth, we are totally transparent about our fees. They are listed on our website. If you come in and then we offered you a $5k discount a patient would know it's legitimate. If you go to a center such as Nuvia and is not fully transparent about their prices before you go in, you don't know what the real fee is. Nuvia gives you a range of fees in an infomercial they sent to us and when we called. But they are so broad, it's impossible to know if the $5,000 that is being taken off is being taken off the real fee because the patient going in doesn't know what the real fee is.

When this patient went in he was quoted $59,000 - just remember at D5teeth the fee would be $35,000.

* DISCLAIMER: This is based on patients showing us their treatment plans, emailed information that you can get from Nuvia and multiple calls to Nuvia offices around the country. We cannot guarantee these prices are their current fees. Please do your own research.
Just remember at D5teeth, the fee would be $35,000 versus $54,000. The patient saves $19,000 and gets a master level restoration!
Note: Patient was told fee was normally $59,000 but they had a $5,000 discount coupon that would give him a lower fee of $54,000. Such a deal.
D5teeth vs. Nuvia
D5teeth vs. Nuvia

Upper & Lower, All Inclusive

(except sinus lifts)



Single Arch

*Expires June 30, 2023


Centers claiming they can give patients permanent zirconia teeth in 7 days if they wanted to and making over inflated non-substantiated claims about their expertise.

It's like saying I could afford a Rolls Royce if I wanted but in reality you have $10 in your bank account. Theoretically, it's possible if you win the lottery but highly unlikely.

You will read that they don't want to rush making permanent teeth in one week, when in reality they have a small lab with 1 or 2 technicians but advertise like you have a world class lab like D5teeth. We agree offices like these would have to rush case or not be able to do so.

D5teeth is now one of the fastest growing dental implant centers in the country due to our exclusive digital technology, surgery centers and laboratories. We now have 2 laboratories in Florida and our new design center in Atlanta. We have over 40 highly skilled computer designers, technicians and ceramists that allow us with no rush to effortlessly in 7 days from surgery create beautiful permanent zirconia implant supporting teeth.

Our technology allows us to save many patients thousands of dollars on full arch dentistry. Our mission is to prevent patients from being stuck wearing inexpensive converted plastic dentures. Or now, inexpensive, 3D printed temporaries that may be weak and prone to break.

We don't want to try to camouflage weak, 3D plastic temporary teeth with fancy names like Smile Tryout hoping that patients won't notice they're wearing inexpensive temporary teeth for months. If you go to an office claiming they could do what D5teeth does, permanent zirconia teeth in 7 days if they wanted, ask to see their lab.

More importantly, look around and see if you see many technicians working very hard around the clock like the D5teeth laboratories do. If you don't see this, there's a pretty good chance they really can't do what D5teeth does.

Lastly, we were amazed at the number of implant centers that literally claim they are the best implant center in Jacksonville, the whole southeast or country. Some even go over the top and claim they are the pre-eminent restorative and surgical team in Jacksonville. Obviously, they all can’t be right.

Actually, there is no legitimate rating agency such as the American Dental Association or the Board of Dentistry that does ratings like this. Just know if any office makes these claims it’s all made up. Why do some offices do this? To intentionally lure and deceive unwitting consumers to come into their office for monetary gain.

Actually, these claims are a gross violation of the Florida Dental Practice act according to an attorney we retained that specializes in regulatory affairs. These offices and dentists can be subject to fines or suspensions or revocations of their license for making these unsubstantiated claims.

Just think about this. If an office is so desperate for patients that they’re willing to make up that they’re literally the best implant center with no legitimate backing for this claim. Do you really want to trust your care to such an office?

Unconditional 5 Year D5teeth Warranty

No exclusions

At D5 Centers nationwide, we offer an unconditional, five year warranty with no exclusions. None! We literally mean if you fall on your face and the bridge breaks, we will fix it for free. We have no health exclusions, smokers are fine, diabetes is fine, auto-immune patients are fine. We have no deductible or overpriced cleanings that you have to pay for twice a year to get any kind of warranty. Bottom line - If any implants fail or anything breaks within five years, you don't have to pay one penny!

Natural Teeth's Secure Smile Program

Now let's examine the so called Natural Teeth industry leading, 20 year Secure Smile Program to protect your investment. On the home page comparison chart, it sounds good until you click on the site that shows you what it really is. It says it's a limited program. And it sure has a lot of limitations (look at the copy from their website).

To get in this program according to the website, you may have to come in twice a year and pay Natural Teeth $300 for your cleaning, re-care, warranty and exams. So apparently, according to website you have to pay $600 a year for two re-care cleaning appointments and exams or according to website you may have no warranty.

Think about this. You may have just paid them $40,000 on a complete case and now if you don't pay them $600 for their warranty program once a year, you're out of luck if something breaks after the first two years.

So over 20 years, if you don't pay them $12,000 for their warranty program, you may have no coverage according to their website. Now wait, it gets better. Even though you are paying Natural Teeth $600 per year for their warranty program to get the Secure Smile Protection, after the first two years you would have to pay them another $500 deductible per occurrence! What could this mean during your first five years with Natural Teeth versus D5 centers?

If in years 3, 4 and five you had just one occurrence per year according to website apparently, this would cost you $1,500 in deductible. Plus, if a 5 year period you would have paid Natural Teeth $3,000 for their warranty program plus you could have paid them a full fee of around $4,500. At D5 Teeth Centers, you would have not paid anything for any problems you may have had with your D5 restorations no matter how many occurrences there are.

Exclusions, exclusions, exclusions at Natural Teeth! Remember, at the D5 Teeth Centers we have no exclusions! And, at Natural Teeth Centers, if you don't pay them $600 for their warranty program, you would have no coverage. If you vape or use any form of nicotine or marijuana and later develop health issues such as diabetes, auto-immune disorders or severe osteoporosis, but not limited to these, you have no coverage after maybe investing $40,000 with Natural Teeth.

D5 Teeth Implant Solution Centers

Based on the number of patients that have come to us over the last year since Natural Teeth opened, for second opinions and shown us Natural Teeth treatment plans and fees we may be able to save you thousands of dollars besides months of your time until you receive permanent zirconia teeth.

D5 teeth | Why Choose The Ultra Express Implant Solution

Upper & Lower, All Inclusive

(except sinus lifts)



Single Arch

  • We're the only center in your city that for many offers all zirconia, custom permanent teeth in as little as 4 days.
  • Why wait up to 10+ months to get zirconia teeth?
  • Why settle for wearing weak, inexpensive plastic temporaries that may be prone to break for 10+ months.
  • All bone grafts except sinus lifts.
  • Neodent Aqua implants offer one of the fastest healing implants in the world.
  • All extractions if needed.
  • Unconditional 5 year warranty.
    No exclusions. No deductibles.
  • Upper/lower zirconia teeth featuring Prettau 2 Dispersive zirconia - one of the world’s most expensive because of it’s stunning aesthetics*.
(*Expires June 30, 2023)

Why is there such a stunning difference in cost and times between D5 and many Teeth In a Day Centers?

And why do these centers make you wear temporary teeth for up to a year?

One of the main reasons are the requirements of the
Immediate Load.

Understanding Immediate Load
Your Whole Procedure is Based on this.

Implant research shows we only have around 14 days after surgery to splint implants together. It doesn’t matter if it’s temporary or permanent teeth.

After this limited time, if you are still taking impressions or doing procedures that cause movement to unhealed implants this can cause high implant failure. These movements may cause bone cells that are growing into the unhealed implants to die and cause the implants to fail. This is why for over 30 years patients have been required to usually wear temporaries for up to a year at most temporary teeth in one day implant centers. Most of these centers back then and to this day don't have the ability to make permanent teeth in this limited timeframe.

D5teeth nationwide implant centers revolutionized this 30 year old teeth in a day analog procedure by combining state of the art surgery centers with a 24-hour, advanced design and digital, in-house milling center with exclusive software and proprietary digital protocols developed over 7 years. This has allowed D5teeth Implant Centers to now have helped thousands of patients across the country receive permanent, zirconia teeth in around 7 days.

Offices with no labs or small labs without our digital protocols usually have no ability to design and fabricate zirconia teeth in this limited 14 day window. This is why their patients have to wear either plastic, converted temporary dentures or now 3D-printed teeth. When you do your research, for the privilege of wearing plastic temporaries for up to 12 months, in many cases, their patients pay $15k-25,000 more!


Our digital technology has allowed dramatic cost savings to patients. Our doctors months later after healing don't have to spend multiple visits over months fabricating permanent teeth for patients like other centers. This is why we're able to save many patients thousands of dollars and also months of their time going to the dentist.

D5teeth Implant Centers

Full Mouth Zirconia Restoration In As Little As Just 4 Days!

We want to show you the D5 digital approach with proprietary technology and protocols developed over 7 years combined with the D5 lab that works 24 hours a day for around 7 days to make zirconia teeth.
  • Day 1 - Surgery
  • Day 2 - Review of custom smile design
  • Day 7 - Insertion of Permanent Zirconia Teeth
D5teeth vs Other Implant Centers

Many Implant Centers with Small Labs or No Labs!

Because many centers do not have the ability to fabricate zirconia teeth in 5–7 days after try-in needed to splint implants together their patients have to wear many times inexpensive plastic temporaries for months.
  • Day 1 - Surgery & records
  • Day 2 - Try-in of temporary, plastic teeth
  • 4–6 months later - After implants heels, fabrication of zirconia begins
  • Up to 2 months after - Insertion of permanent zirconia teeth

Full Mouth Zirconia Restoration
In As Little As Just 4 Da

When it comes to dental implants and Zirconia full mouth restoration, there are many places to choose from but understanding the process and getting familiar with the one you choose is critical to determine the overall result of this life changing procedure.

Here is what to expect when you choose D5teeth® for your full mouth zirconia restoration:

D5teeth Implan Center
Full Mouth Restoration
As Little As 4 Days To Restore Your Smile
Over the course of one week, you will undergo everything needed to completely and permanently restore your smile!
Step 1
D5teeth Implan Center
Smile Preview
Custom Designed Smile Preview
After implant placement, the Smile Preview phase begins. This is where we provide you with a preview of your final zirconia teeth, and also incorporate any changes you'd like.
Step 2
D5teeth Implan Center
Milling & Finishing
Beautiful Zirconia Teeth
Once you’ve created the smile of your dreams, our lab will start the process of fabricating an identical copy in stunning zirconia over the next few days.
Step 3
D5teeth Implan Center
Smile With Confidence
New You In the New Year!
Make 2022 the year you said goodbye to unexpected, problematic, and costly dental visits. Smile again, laugh again, love again, live again!
Step 4

Dedicated To Precision Engineering / Zero Compromise

Our 4 day journey means for many as little as 4 days from surgery. When we say you're done, we mean final permanent teeth are inserted. When we say most centers don't have the ability to make permanent teeth, we mean in 4 days from surgery. When you do your research, you'll find many centers take 4-10 months to insert permanent zirconia teeth. All statements and commentary in videos only express the opinion of D5teeth and are based on 25 years experience doing full arch dentistry. Splinting of implants with zirconia is performed on patients with normal bone.

D5 digital approach versus denture based traditional teeth in a day

We feel D5 Teeth is the 21st century digital re-invention of teeth in a day. Learn how you may save months of your valuable time and thousands of dollars.
Our 7 day journey means for many three visits over 7 days from surgery. When we say you're done, we mean final permanent teeth are inserted. When we say most centers don't have the ability to make permanent teeth, we mean in 7 days from surgery. When you do your research, you'll find many centers take 4-10 months to insert permanent zirconia teeth. All statements and commentary in videos only express the opinion of D5 Teeth and are based on 25 years experience doing full arch dentistry. Splinting of implants with zirconia is performed on patients with normal bone. On a very small subset of patients with soft bone, we insert for 7 days a custom milled, nanoceramic bridge. This bridge has full FDA 510 clearance for use as final permanent teeth. After healing it is replaced with zirconia.

D5 Immediate load technique vs. Teeth In a Day centers using 3D weak plastic temporaries you have to wear for months

Because our D5 laboratory works 3 shifts 24 hours a day, within 7 days, our patients receive permanent zirconia teeth to splint implants together during healing. We developed D5 protocols so our patients would not have to wear inexpensive weak 3D plastic temporaries or converted acrylic dentures that may then bend and flex during healing process.

Consider if we break a bone doctors will place a hard cast so the bone does not move. The more stable the bone the better it will heal. The analogy in implants is by splinting the implants within 7 days with permanent zirconia teeth at D5 centers we are taking dentistry's most rigid ceramic that will not bend and flex and this is like placing a hard cast.

We don't want to give our patients inexpensive weak 3D temporaries or converted dentures. We feel these temporaries are like using a soft wrap over a broken bone. Our patients don't have to settle for wearing printed plastic teeth with fancy names, maybe trying to camouflage what they really are... temporary teeth!

Our 4 day journey means for many as little as 4 days from surgery. When we say you're done, we mean final permanent teeth are inserted. When we say most centers don't have the ability to make permanent teeth, we mean in 4 days from surgery. When you do your research, you'll find many centers take 4-10 months to insert permanent zirconia teeth. All statements and commentary in videos only express the opinion of D5teeth and are based on 25 years experience doing full arch dentistry. Splinting of implants with zirconia is performed on patients with normal bone.

Dedicated to precision fit to implants and gum tissue

With D5 exclusive technology, years of research & development, specialized surgical and restorative protocols and unique lab that works 24 hours per day, our patients receive restorations with no gaps and precision fits to implants.

Watch the video to learn how we do this.

* Disclaimer - All representations and comparisons are based on Nuvia's website, which has been downloaded. D5teeth cannot ensure information on website is accurate or whole. Consumers need to do their own research. We cannot verify once patients go to Natural Teeth if any discounts are offered for two arches done at one time. The 4 day time-frame is for many from date of surgery. This is based on a complimentary consultation and not all patients will qualify. When we say 10 months to complete permanent teeth, we are referring to that many offices take 4-10 months to fabricate permanent zirconia teeth. When we say many offices cannot make permanent teeth like we do, we mean in 4 days from surgery.

For many, D5 Ultra Express might be the best value in the country for Full Mouth Restoration

You don’t have to wear temporary teeth for months like many offices offer.

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